Benefits of Head Massage | Right Way to Massage Head

Head Massage : There are amazing benefits of head massage, right way to massage

Head Massage: There are amazing benefits of head massage, right way to massage

What is head massage ?

Massage and head massage have been practiced in Indian society since ancient times. Which is considered a naturopathy system. Head massage is a gentle and safe massage method that focuses on the upper part of the head, face and shoulders. There are no medical side effects of head massage. It is considered beneficial for people of all ages. There are many other forms of head massage as well as it is such a simple method that can be done anywhere. Indian head massage has its own traditional techniques. Which helps to benefit our brain. The main purpose of Indian Head Massage is to remove negative energy from the body which adversely affects our health. Let us know how Indian head massage is done.

How to massage head

How to massage head

By the way, massaging the head is very easy. Head massage is actually applying friction and pressure to the upper part of the head which can be done normally. This gives pleasure to the person as well as his fatigue can also be removed. But to take full advantage of head massage, it should be done in a proper way. Let's know what is the right way to massage the head.

  • First of all choose a calm and pleasant environment. In this environment, the mental tension starts to reduce to some extent on its own. During this, the person getting the massage should sit in a comfortable position. You can use a chair for this.
  • To massage, move your hands from the upper part of the head to the bottom of the neck. During this, when the masseur or the person getting the massage asks any question, then the massage activity should be stopped.
  • Now apply light pressure with your fingers on the base of the head. And move the fingers all over the head. By doing this, along with your head, the hair is also massaged. It promotes blood circulation to the skin of the upper part of the head.
  • Now massage the head in an oval position with the help of fingers and thumbs of both the hands. During this you can keep your thumbs fixed and your fingers moving. Start from the top of the head and bring the fingers down to the ears. In this way you can stimulate the nerves of your brain.
  • Take care not to apply excessive friction or pressure during the head massage. Make sure you are doing the massage with light hands.
  • In head massage, forehead massage is considered important. Most people understand that the forehead includes only the area between the eyes and ears. But it actually includes the same area as the top of your ear. Gently move your fingers in a clockwise direction and massage the forehead.
  • As you massage your scalp, your hair gets tangled in your fingers. Doing this gives you a different pleasant experience. Therefore, you can pull your hair with very light hands during the head massage, it can increase the pleasure of your massage manifold.

Head massage is a pleasurable experience for everyone. But do you know the benefits of head massage? Often in the salon shop you get a head massage, which is also called in the regional language Champi. But not everyone knows how to do head massage, which oil to use for head massage or what are the benefits of head massage. Massaging your scalp can give you relief from stress. Apart from this, it helps in improving blood circulation in the head. But it is not possible for everyone to go to the parlor or salon and get a head massage. That's why we are sharing the ways to do head massage at home. In this article, you will know about head massage and its benefits.

Benefits of head massage

Benefits of head massage

The benefits of a head massage depend on the type of massage you are getting. Some massages only affect the nervous system in your scalp. Due to which you get relief from headache and stress etc. So some have different techniques. It is mainly done to remove the following types of problems.

  • To get rid of tension
  • To get relief from migraine and headache.
  • To relax.
  • To get rid of unnecessary stress.

1.Promotes hair growth

If you have a lot of hair fall and have become much weaker than before, then scalp massage can help you. You will get a lot of benefits from scalp massage. According to a research, people who have done this massage, their hair has become stronger than before and this has happened in just 24 weeks.

2.Lowers blood pressure

By taking a good champi massage, your body becomes completely relaxed and tension free. According to a research in 2006, 15 to 25 minutes of massage is helpful in reducing your blood pressure. This is because a good head massage increases your blood flow, which also affects your blood pressure level.

3.Protect Hair

Hair is naturally hydrophobic or water resistant. This is due to the natural oil produced in the scalp, ie sebum. Although the natural oil helps in retaining the moisture and nourishment in the hair.

But weather changes, application of chemical-rich hair products, use of hair heating tools, pollution, chlorinated water and many other factors can spoil the health of hair and make it dry and lifeless.

Hair that looks weak and lifeless is also usually frizzy because its outer protective layer has been destroyed. Due to moisture and improper washing of the hair, water molecules get into the hair fiber and this causes either bloating or growth of hair.

The outermost layer of hair is called the cuticle. The cuticle does not grow like the inner layer of the hair. As a result, the hair starts getting curly from outside. Due to this, instead of being smooth and smooth, the hair creates an uneven and flaky surface.

Massaging the oil in the hair regularly makes the hair hydrophobic again. Due to the outer layer of the oil, water molecules are not able to penetrate the hair fiber and also do not harm.

4. Increase Shine in Hair

Being shiny and thick is the first sign of healthy hair being attractive and healthy. Hair oil not only makes hair hydrophobic but also adds shine to it. Being hydrophobic, protect the outer layer of the hair, ie the cuticle, from making it inflamed and flaky.

Smooth and shiny cuticles help to make hair healthy and shiny. Due to the heat, the hair often becomes lifeless and split. Regularly massaging the hair with oil eliminates the problem of split ends and nourishes the hair from inside and out, along with making the hair look shiny and luxurious.

5. Prevent Infection

When the pores of the scalp become clogged, it can sometimes lead to minor to major problems such as burning, itching and bacterial infections. Dandruff can also be a problem later due to infection. Due to this, the risk of getting head lice increases and sometimes the problem of hair fall also starts.

But it is also important to know that good bacteria are also present in the scalp at all times, and regularly massaging the hair with oil containing anti-bacterial elements such as honey, nourishes the scalp and does not cause infection. If you feel that your scalp is soft in some places or red spots are appearing there, then it is better to contact the dermatologist immediately.

6. Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff is a major reason for hair fall. Apart from this, changes in weather and pollution make these conditions worse. Dandruff increases the risk of dry scalp, itching, damage to the roots, hair breakage due to hair fall and lice.

By the way, dandruff is the dead skin cells, which often bother a person more when he has a dry scalp problem. This dryness also does not happen on its own. Dryness in the scalp occurs when the oily glands of the head, ie the sebaceous gland, either produce less sebum or not at all.

Massaging the oil on a regular basis can help in nourishing the scalp, besides helping the oil glands of the scalp to produce enough sebum. It is also worth keeping in mind that adding too much oil to the scalp can clog the pores of the skin and stop growth. Therefore, to maintain the right balance of oil in the head, it is necessary to wash the hair every other day with a mild shampoo.

7. Prevent Graying of Hair

Premature graying of hair is a common problem in youth and even teenagers nowadays. This problem is often due to the lack of vitamins and proteins in the diet. It can also be said that there are many reasons due to which there can be the problem of premature graying of hair. One of these reasons is also genetic predisposition.

Just as an element called melanin present in the skin decides the color of the skin, in the same way it also decides the color of the hair. The more melanin in the hair, the darker the hair color. The problem of graying of hair is due to the lack of melanin.

Regularly massaging the hair with oil helps in maintaining the color of the hair. The oils develop a protective layer around the hair. It helps to protect the hair from UV rays and pollution. Significantly, both these elements play a big role in premature graying of hair.

8.Reduces Tension Headache Symptoms

If you take tension without any reason, then you will feel headache, pain in the neck, and heaviness in the eyes. But if you do a head massage or get it done, it will have a very good effect on the ribs of your head and neck. Due to which you will get relief from the problems of headache and neck pain.

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