Pyramid Meditation : How to do, Amazing Benefits on Your Body

Pyramid Meditation : How to do, Amazing Benefits

Pyramid meditation involves lying down beneath a pyramid that has been constructed at a specific angle. These structures are excellent space energy transmitters and receivers. What effects does meditation inside a pyramid have on the body, then? What research supports the science of this kind of meditation?

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What is Pyramid Meditation?

To meditate in the pyramid, you must have a pyramid-shaped design, which you can make in wood, metal or by an artisan. The angle of the pyramid is around 52 degrees and this structure helps you to collect life energy. You can see the importance of such a structure in the book of Vastu-Shastra. You can feel that there are some places where you feel relaxed.

As soon as you go to some place, your mind becomes silent and comes into the state of meditation. It all depends on the construction of that place. Therefore, the pyramid should be so big that it should remain slightly above your height so that when you sit to meditate, the flow of cosmic energy is increased in it. And it has a direct effect on your brain. It serves to bring you to meditation quickly. Sukhasana and Vajrasana posture can be used for meditation.

How to do Pyramid Meditation?

1). Locate a pyramid

That is all there is to it. You can either visit one of the citywide pyramid centres or construct a simple three-dimensional geometric building at home. Make it at least three times larger than you in both height and width, and construct it from natural materials like wood and marble.

2). Avoid Using Gadgets

Remove everything technology, excluding perhaps a player for calming music while you meditate inside the pyramid. Devices will disrupt the flow of energy vibrations and defeat the meditation's entire goal. Remove all leather and metal items because they will have the opposite effect due to their absorbing qualities.

3). Attire and cleanliness

Comfortable, light-weight clothing will help you be more open to energy. You can meditate with ease in a spot that is clean and smell-free. To promote optimism and positive feelings, if you'd like, install a god or an image of your choice in the meditation area.

4). Meditation

Once the aforementioned preparations have been made, sit down on a comfortable mat and face either the east, north, or north-east to begin your meditation. Breathe in and out deeply and pay attention to your breath while you do so. Maintain a calm attitude as you do this, and you will undoubtedly experience wonderful energy. Yoga in pyramid

Benefits Of Pyramid Meditation

1). Enhances Vision

You can enhance and correct your vision by practicing pyramid meditation. There are courses available that can help with both shaping and strengthening the eye muscles.

2). Enhances Hearing

There are a few hearing issues that can be resolved and sharpened with the help of the energy generated through pyramid meditation.

3). High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. If pyramid meditation is done every day, this can be greatly reduced. By using this type of meditation, you can gain relief from all types of stress and live life to the fullest.

4). Remedy for Insomnia

Millions of individuals throughout the world struggle with insomnia. The legs and brain can both be calmed through pyramid meditation. The sleeping patterns of those who have spent time in the pyramids have significantly improved.

5). Provides Arthritis Relief

All arthritis sufferers will benefit greatly from pyramid meditation. If you use this meditation every day, you can even get relief from back problems.

6). Heals Broken Bones And Sores

The mending of injured and fractured bones is one of the most exceptional and astounding advantages of pyramid meditation. Pyramid meditation is undoubtedly an option for people with active lifestyles.

7). Removes Pimples And Acne

Pyramid meditation can provide treatment from all forms of acne and skin issues.

8). Students' Pyramids

Pyramid meditation is particularly well-liked by both teachers and students. It also boosts their confidence while aiding with memory improvement. Exam preparation is simple and one need not experience additional stress or anxiety.

9). Offers Energy

A greater source of energy is water that has been charged with pyramid energy.

10). Offers Headache Relief

Pyramid meditation is definitely something you should think about if you frequently get headaches or migraines. You will recover more quickly if you do this.

11). Provides Relieve From Unusual Periods

Menstrual periods have reportedly improved for women who have slept in the pyramids.

12). Enhances Cognitive Abilities 

Pyramid meditation enhances mental processes. It improves mental acuity and concentration. Additionally, it keeps emotional balance.

13). Enhances Hormone Balance

The thyroid gland, which produces hormones, performs better when one does pyramid meditation. As a result, it maintains the body's hormonal balance.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Who introduced pyramid meditation first?

The India Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement was started in 1990 by Subhash Patri. In Kurnool, India, the first meditation pyramid was built in 1991. The pyramid movement presently includes more than 20,000 meditation pyramids in India and beyond.

2: What does pyramid spirituality entail?

In order to increase public awareness of the science behind vegetarianism and meditation as well as its important role in fostering physical, mental, and intellectual health, the Pyramid Spiritual Society movement was founded in 1990.

3. Where is the biggest pyramid meditation facility in the world situated?

The Maitreya Pyramid, which is considered to be the largest meditation pyramid in the world, is situated on Kanakapura Road in Bengaluru, India.

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