How To Do Mogra (Jasmine) Facial At Home : Benefits for Skin

How To Do Mogra (Jasmine) Facial At Home : Benefits Of Mogra & Mogra facials

Do 'Mogra Facial' at home in 5 steps to get glowing skin

Facial At Home : In the summer season, the glow of the skin often disappears due to the high heat. In such a situation, the face starts to look dry and lifeless. Obviously, it is not easy to get out of the house in view of the increasing cases of Kovid-19 infection. In such a situation, women cannot go to the beauty parlor and get facials or other beauty treatments done.

Along with this, it has not been easy for women to take care of skin regularly due to work from home and household chores. In such a situation, you can get back the lost glow of the skin by doing mogra facials at home on holidays or weekends.

'Mogra facial is very easy to do at home and the best time to do it is summer, because this is the season when the glow of the face disappears due to strong sunlight and dust. Mogra facial not only makes your skin glowing, but it also removes many other skin related problems.

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What is Jasmine or Mogra?

The olive family includes the genus of shrubs and vines known as jasmine. The nocturnal plant produces flowers with a unique scent. These flowers are worn by many Indian women, especially during festivities and celebrations. Mogra is frequently utilized at religious events like weddings as well.

Mogra is a potent aphrodisiac as well. Its enigmatic scent acts as a "psychic key," enhancing mental openness to energy vibrations, particularly those magnified by the singing of sacred mantras.

5 Top Skin Benefits Of Mogra or Jasmine

How To Do Mogra (Jasmine) Facial At Home : Benefits Of Mogra & Mogra facials

1. Contains organic antibacterial ingredients

Due to its inherent antibacterial qualities, jasmine is an excellent disinfectant. It has two substances that can prevent the development and growth of bacteria and fungi: benzyl benzoate and benzoic acid.

Did you know that because of its healing qualities, jasmine can also hasten the healing process? This would reduce the risk of infection and stop wounds from worsening. Mogra water can be sprayed on the skin to help prevent bacterial and fungal diseases.

2. Avoids Dry Skin

Who doesn't appreciate having radiant skin all year long? Mogra Water is a naturally calming, restorative, and even moisturising product for your skin thanks to the qualities of jasmine. It protects skin from dryness while while promoting skin radiance.

It is okay to use mogra water to avoid dryness and skin irritability. Do you frequently experience eczema flare-ups? The components in Mogra water heal the skin and stop Eczema from occurring frequently.

3. Reduces the Ageing Process

It's best to start using anti-aging products as soon as possible. It is therefore never too early to start an anti-aging skincare regimen. Given that it lessens and delays the onset of fine wrinkles on the skin, mogra water need to be a mainstay of your anti-aging skincare regimen.

Did you know that Mogra water effectively increases collagen production? Increased collagen production would help to fill up the spaces left by wrinkles. Additionally, it has antioxidants that shield the skin from environmental stresses and lessen the appearance of skin ageing.

4. Hydrates the skin

Regular skin moisturising is one of the most crucial skin care guidelines. You might achieve the same results by using Jasmine water. Ingredients in jasmine help the skin retain its natural hydration. It additionally prepares your skin to absorb moisture when used as a toner.

Regular application of Mogra water to the skin prevents pore congestion while maintaining its beauty and suppleness. Every day, don't forget to spray it on your skin after you shower, before you go to bed, and before you put on makeup.

5. Heals blemishes and scars

Most of us worry constantly about the scars and imperfections on our bodies. Some of these spots and imperfections were impossible to eradicate using scrubs or lotions. Jasmine is said to have substances that can, nevertheless, efficiently get rid of stretch marks and acne scars. Jasmine is regarded as a natural cicatrizing, did you know that? It targets scars and lessens their visibility to work. You might be able to remove these blemishes with the use of mogra water to reveal a clearer face.

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Benefits of Mogra (Jasmine) facials For Skin

How To Do Mogra (Jasmine) Facial At Home : Benefits Of Mogra & Mogra facials

1. Mogra flower has antiseptic properties. If there is any wound in your skin, then it will be filled with the use of this flower.

2.  Mogra flower is no less than a boon for those with dry skin. It contains natural moisturizing properties.

3. If you have the problem of ageing, then you will be benefited by doing Mogra facials. This will also reduce wrinkles!

4. If you have spots on your face, then those too will be lightened by Mogra facial.

5. Mogra facial is also a mood uplifted. By doing this, stress is removed and glow comes on the face.

How to do Mogra Facial at home Step by Step

How To Do Mogra (Jasmine) Facial At Home : Benefits Of Mogra & Mogra facials

Step-1: Jasmine Face Toner (How to make jasmine or Mogra Face Toner)


  • 10-20 mogra flowers
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup rose water


  • Soak mogra flowers in 1 cup of water overnight.
  • Filter this water in the morning.
  • Then add rose water to this water.
  • Keep this water filled in a spray bottle.

Tip- Cleanse the face with this homemade toner before starting the facial. You can also use this toner on your face before going to bed at night.

Step-2: Jasmine Face Massage Cream (How to make Jasmine or Mogra Face Massage Cream)


  • 1 tsp mogra flower paste
  • 1/2 tsp glycerin


  • Grind the Mogra flowers which you had soaked in water to make face toner.
  • Mix this mixture with glycerin.
  • If your skin is very oily then you should mix this paste with milk and massage your face.
  • Massage your face and neck for 10 minutes with this homemade face massage cream.

Tip- You can also use cream instead of milk. But do this only when the skin is very dry.

Step-3: Jasmine Face Scrub (How to make Jasmine or Mogra Face Scrub )


  • 1 tsp oats powder
  • 1 tablespoon Mogra flower paste


  • Grind the flower of Mogra and prepare a smooth paste.
  • Now mix oats powder in this paste.
  • Then scrub the face with this homemade scrub for 2 minutes.

Tip- You can also use sugar instead of oats.

Step-4: Jasmine facial steam (How to make Jasmine or Mogra facial steam)

You have to put 2 drops of Vitamin-E oil and a handful of Mogra flowers in hot water to take Mogra flower facial steam. You can take facial steam with this water for 5 minutes.

 Step-5: Jasmine Face Pack (How to make Jasmine or Mogra  Face Pack)


  • 5-10 mogra flowers
  • 1 tablespoon sandalwood powder
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 1 tsp Gulab Jal


  • First prepare the paste of Mogra flower.
  • Now mix sandalwood powder in it.
  • After this add milk and rose water to the mixture.
  • Now apply this homemade face pack on the face.

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