13 Super Easy Tips to Darken Your Mehndi (Henna) Color

13 Super Easy Tips to Darken Your Mehndi (Henna) Color

How to Darken Your Mehndi (Henna) Naturally 

If the same question comes in your mind that how to make henna black, then this article is especially for you. In response to 'how to darken mehndi', we will tell you not one, but five ways. By adopting these methods, you will be able to deepen the color of henna. 

There are many songs on mehndi like mehndi hai rachne wali, haathon me geethi laali', 'mehndi laga ke rakhana, doli saja ke rakhana'. By applying mehndi, the beauty of the hands increases manifold. However, today mehndi has started coming in a variety of styles. Some apply it in the form of a tattoo, while others cover the whole hand. Despite this, the same question comes in the mind that how to darken the color of henna? The darker the color of mehndi, the more its beauty increases. If the color of mehndi is not deep, then even the most beautiful design does not emerge.

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How to make Mehndi (Henna) Dark

13 Super Easy Tips to Darken Your Mehndi (Henna) Color

When the lovely design of mehndi is decorated on your hands, follow the tips given below for how to darken the mehndi.

1. Let the mehndi stay for a long time on hand

Applying henna is as much hard work as it is a work of patience to keep it on for a long time. Wash your hands thoroughly before applying henna. Then when your favorite design is decorated on your hands, then you leave it for seven to eight hours. You can also leave it on for up to 12 hours. At the same time, instead of washing it with water, rub the palms together while removing it. Do this until the henna is completely removed. By doing this, you will see the effect in a few hours and you will see the color of mehndi getting darker.

2. Lemon-sugar juice  to Darken Your Mehndi 

Lemon-sugar juice is an easy way to darken henna. Boil some sugar in water and leave it to cool. Now take out this mixture in a bowl and add few drops of lemon juice to it. Then apply this mixture after the henna dries. While sugar helps the henna to stay on the skin for a long time, lemon juice works to deepen the color of the henna. When the mehndi starts drying, you can apply lemon-sugar juice every now and then to make it last longer, so that the mehndi sticks to your hands for a long time and its deep black color gets absorbed well.

3. Cover Design  to Darken Your Mehndi 

You may find it a bit awkward, but you can also cover it to deepen the color of the henna. If you cover the design yourself, there will be a risk of spoiling the design. In such a situation, it would be better that the person who is applying mehndi to you, or under his supervision, get your design covered. You can use medical paper tape to gently wrap the henna.

4. Inhale clove smoke vapor on your hands

To deepen the color of henna, first apply lemon-sugar juice on henna. Then after this, heat some cloves on the pan and steam the hands with the smoke coming out of the cloves, but keep in mind that your hand should not burn. Run your hand over the steam until the lemon-sugar juice dries up. You can remove the henna after this or keep it for some more time.

5. Apply Balm  to Darken Your Mehndi 

Apart from relieving bone pain, the balm can also darken the color of the henna on your hands. Brides apply Vicks or Tiger Balm on henna to deepen the color of their henna. People believe that applying balm can deepen the color of henna and the color goes deep into the skin.

6. Wash your hands before applying Mehndi

Wash hands thoroughly with soap before applying henna. After that wipe the hands with a towel and dry them. Apart from this, keep in mind that after washing the hands, no moisturizer or cold cream should be used in them. This is because the skin does not absorb henna properly and you do not get a deep color when using them.

7. Avoid using water for 24 hours

Preferably wait 24 hours before exposing your mehendi to water. Water will remove the mehendi's top layer and prevent the colour from really penetrating deeply into your skin.

8. Apply a good quality eucalyptus oil 

After washing and drying your hands, put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in your palms. Now rub the palms together. Keep in mind that start applying henna to the hands only when the eucalyptus oil has been completely absorbed by the skin. Do not apply henna on oily skin even by mistake.

9. Apply heat to Darken Your Mehndi 

The mehndi can get darker by using heat. To warm up the henna on your skin, use a blow dryer. But watch out for keeping a safe distance and avoiding prolonged physical contact with the heat.

10. Use Essential Oils to Darken Your Mehndi 

Henna can be made darker by adding essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus, or clove. To make henna darker, you can also combine Mahalabiya oil, an essential oil with a base of pine oil. Monoterpenes, a class of alcohols frequently used to darken henna, are present in essential oils.

11. Black Tea  to Darken Your Mehndi 

Henna can become darker by the tannin concentrations found in black tea. Tea leaves and water are brewed, and the resulting decoction is then mixed with henna.

12. Charcoal Powder  to Darken Your Mehndi 

Henna can be darkened by charcoal because of its ashy hue. Before using the henna on your hands, stir in a couple teaspoons of charcoal powder.

13. Apply Amla Oil  to Darken Your Mehndi 

Amla oil has a plethora of advantages for hair growth, but it also has advantages for your skin. It will seal the natural stain, allowing a bright gloss and colour, whether you use it before applying henna or after.

What not to do to Darken Your Mehndi 

13 Super Easy Tips to Darken Your Mehndi (Henna) Color

Apart from the measures given above to darken the color of henna, there are some common, but important things, which need to be kept in mind while applying or after applying henna. Below we are telling you about this.

  • Do not wash your hands with soap or soapy water after removing henna. By doing this, the color of your henna may fade. Due to this, your mehndi may also start coming out from somewhere and your design may get spoiled.
  • Do not shave your hands after applying henna, as this may strip the top layer of your skin and spoil the henna.
  • Do not wash your hands immediately after removing henna, do not apply water to your hands for at least six hours. If possible, take bath only after 12 hours of applying henna.
  • Do not use too much of the sugar and lemon mixture, else the henna will turn dark brown.
  • Whatever happens, do not use a blow dryer to dry the henna on your hands and feet quickly. This may melt your henna and spoil the henna design.
  • Avoid drinking too much water or any juice just before applying henna.
  • While applying henna, the henna artist needs good lighting. The light should neither be too bright nor less.

Most frequently asked questions about Mehndi (FAQ)

Question – For how long should I keep the henna on my hands?

You should let it sit on your hands at least till it dries. However, if you want the color of mehndi to be deep and dark, then we would advise you to leave it on your hands for the whole night.

Question – I accidentally washed my hands after getting henna applied. Now what should I do to get dark color of mehndi?

As we told you that to get a deep color, it is very important that you keep the mehndi on your hands for as long as possible. But even if you have washed your hands by mistake, wipe your hands thoroughly and apply Vicks to your hands. Then after a few hours have passed, you can give clove smoke to your hands.

Question – Does the use of lemon and sugar really work to deepen the color of henna?

Yes it works.

Question – How to remove the color of mehndi from hands?

You can use lemon juice for this. It acts like a natural stain. Rub your hands with its juice and apply moisturise afterwards.

Question – Can I put lotion on my henna tattoo?

Any chemical ingredient may impede the process if you want a darker henna tint. Choose natural moisturisers like essential oils if the area feels dry.

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