How To Choose Perfect Bra For Your Breast Size & Shape

Learn the right way to choose 'bra' according to your breast shape

Learn the right way to choose 'bra' According to your Breast Shape 

Along with enhancing the beauty of the face, women also like to keep their body tone up. To get a good figure, she does yoga, exercise and gymming. It keeps her in full body shape. But, no matter how much the body is in shape, if the shape of your breast is not correct, then you may not look as presentable as you can. In such a situation, it is very important that you choose the right bra according to the breast shape.

According to a research, 80 percent of women wear wrong size bra, out of which 70 percent of women wear tight bra and 10 percent of women wear bra bigger than their actual size of breast. It has also been mentioned in the research that women who wear tight bras and wear them for a long time have an increased risk of breast cancer.

Women wearing loose bra have to face the problem of breast sagging. To prevent this from happening, today we will tell you which bra you should wear according to your breast shape and how to choose it.

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Selecting The Perfect Bra Depending On The Shape Of Your Breasts

How To Choose Perfect Bra For Your  Breast Size & Shape

1. Symmetrical Breast

If the shape of your breast is symmetrical, that is, your breasts are larger than the normal size, then obviously you need the support of a bra to hold them, otherwise they will look ugly. In such a situation, you should wear T-shirt bra, this bra will support your breast well and will also give you good fitting. If you are looking for other options, then you can also wear push up bra.

If your breasts are wide and muscular, then you should wear a wireless bra. This bra will give you a good fitting with comfort and will make your breast size appear smaller. If you want, you can also wear pushup bra and front closure bra.

2. Bell Shape

If the upper part of your breast is slim than the lower part, then the shape of your breast is like a bell. Women with this type of breast shape should wear T-shirt bra. The cups and wires in T-shirt bras keep your breasts snug in the cups and prevent excessive breast movement. If you prefer to wear bras with large cups, then a full coverage bra will also give you a good fit.

3. East West shape

If your breasts are in the opposite direction of each other, then your shape is 'East West'. Women with such breast shape should wear pushup bra. This bra will also fix the direction of the breast. You can also wear front closure and strapless bra.

4. Cylinder Shape

Some women's breasts are very thin and are inclined downwards. Such breast shape is called cylinder. For this, such a bra should be worn which lifts the breast upwards. That's why these women should wear front closure and wireless bra.

5. Side Set

In this type of breast shape, there is a lot of gap between the two breasts. If your breasts are like this, then you should wear a front closure bra, it will lift your breast inward and bring the breast to the center of the chest.

6. Asymmetric

Asymmetric breasts typically have shapes that are noticeably different. You have asymmetrical breasts if one of your breasts is noticeably smaller or larger than the other. Breasts are slightly asymmetrical in almost all women. Try one with removable inserts so you may take the padding off the side with the larger breast if the size difference is obvious.

7. Shallow

There is minimal horizontal depth and the breasts are dispersed throughout the chest "A push-up bra is a fantastic choice if you want to add more depth. A wireless triangle bra would also work equally well for a more natural appearance. Going wire-free could benefit you because underwired bras typically have too wide of a diameter, which can cause side gaping or other uncomfortable fitting concerns."

8. Round

Round - In this instance, it seems as though the breasts are round and equally full on top and bottom. Since your pair doesn't need to move about much, women with round breasts typically don't need padded or structured bras. An underwire-free, thin bra can also be used for this purpose.

9. Tear Drop

There are very few women whose breast shape is like this. It is similar to round shape. Any type of bra can be worn for this type of breast shape.

10. Slender

Long, thin, and pointing downward are the breasts. "A seamed bra will provide the breasts a structure to adhere to and support the breasts to point forwards. It is designed to give the bustline a natural shape."

How to Measure Correctly

How To Choose Perfect Bra For Your  Breast Size & Shape

Along with the bra type, it is very important that the bra should be according to the size of the breast. For this, before taking a bra, measure the size of your breast. We tell you how the correct measurement of breast can be taken.

  • Measure the bust line and the top of the waist with an inch tape. If the measurement is coming 31.4 then understand that your breast size is 32. By the way, bras come in the market only in even numbers. Never buy a tight bra or too big
  • While buying a bra, make sure that its belt is not falling from the shoulders or it is not tight, if it is so then never take the bra of that brand because the fitting of such bra is never correct.
Your entire breast should fit in the bra cups and if you are taking a push up bra, then keep in mind that the entire lower part of the breast should be included in the bra.

If your bra rises up while walking, it means that your bra size does not match with your breast size. That's why while buying a bra, you must see your hands up and down.

Why it's Very important to choose the right Bra

How To Choose Perfect Bra For Your  Breast Size & Shape

Insufficient support from a poorly fitted bra leads the trapezius muscle, which supports the arm, to contract and become unable to support the weight of the breasts. As a result of the strained muscles, this may induce shoulder, neck, and back pain. Follow these recommendations to ensure the appropriate fit when buying a bra to prevent such problems.

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