Teeth Astrology: Know the Future from the Shape & Number of the Teeth

Teeth Astrology: Know the Future from the Shape & Number of the Teeth

Teeth Astrology: Your 32 teeth make you different from others, Your smile can tell the future

Teeth Astrology: There are many scriptures in Hinduism like Pak Shastra, Swapna Shastra, Palmistry etc. One of these is Samudrik Shastra. Many interesting information about each and every part of a person's body has been given in Samudrik shastra.

It has also been told in Samudrik Shastra that what is the relation of every part of the body with the future of a person. we give you very interesting information on the topic of teeth, one of the parts of the body.

Our experts say that the number of teeth also tells a lot about a person's nature and future. So let's know in detail on this topic.

Samudrika Shastra says that the number of teeth in every person's mouth is not the same. That is, there are 28 teeth in someone's mouth, 30 in someone's mouth and 32 in someone's mouth. In such a situation, different characteristics of a person are known by the number of different teeth.

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Teeth Astrology: Know the future from the Number of Teeth.

Teeth Astrology: Know the Future from the Shape & Number of the Teeth

1. People who have 32 Teeth

  • People who have 32 teeth in their mouth, their life passes very comfortably.
  • Such people are expert in getting others to reveal their secrets.
  • They may or may not share any of their matters with anyone, but they easily know the secret things of others.

2. People who have 30 Teeth

  • People who have 30 teeth, their economic condition is neither bad nor good.
  • These people have the specialty of adding more and more money.
  • Such people never take the trouble of debt .
  • These people have a lot of respect in the society.

3. People who have 29 Teeth

  • Such people are always happy and in fun.
  • The blessings of Mother Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu remain on them.
  • They get all the happiness and luxury.
  • Any work of his life is completed without stopping.

4. People who have 28 Teeth

  • People who have 28 teeth, their luck never supports them.
  • They have to struggle a lot in life.
  • Even after getting success, they remain tense on one or the other issue.
  • If you too have 28, 29, 30 or 32 teeth, take a look at your nature once. 

Teeth Astrology: Know the future from the Shape of the Teeth

Teeth Astrology: Know the Future from the Shape & Number of the Teeth

1. Little Teeth people

It has been said in Samudra Shastra that people who have smaller teeth than normal, these people know how to do their work. Such people are very intelligent and very trustworthy.

2. Large Protruding Teeth

People whose teeth are big and protruding outwards, such people know how to make others agree to their point of view. They know how to get their work done. Generally their nature is cheerful. But anger can go to the seventh sky even on a small matter.

3. Normal Teeth

People whose teeth are straight, of normal length, it has been said in Samudra Shastra that such people are sociable. They know how to make their place in the society. Usually they do their business. These people like to show off and are also easily attracted to showy things.

4. Shapely, Beautiful and Attractive Teeth

People with white, well-textured and beautiful teeth are considered very lucky. Their nature is very soft. They easily win the trust of friends and relatives and also try to maintain it. They themselves soon trust other people.

5. Yellow Teeth and Temperament

People whose teeth are yellow, according to oceanography, such people are of very good nature. Due to the qualities of their nature, they get their work done by other people. Sometimes they become selfish too. It has been seen in such people that their health is generally fragile. They are prone to stomach related problems.

6. Black and Discolored Teeth

Oceanography says that people whose teeth have taken some blackness should be treated carefully because they can get confused by making small things an issue. Even if the teeth are haphazard, then such people have more desire to get something after seeing it and they know how to get their work done from people in any way.

7. White but Crooked Teeth

People whose teeth are white or light yellow in color but not straight but haphazard, then such people have to struggle a lot to achieve success in their life. Avoid trusting such people for any big work.

8. Double Teeth and Signs

If a person's teeth have come out above his teeth, then such a person is considered very courageous. Their life is pleasant and they achieve a lot on the strength of their hard work. Women who have this type of teeth are more intelligent than other women.

Teeth Astrology: Know the future from the Other peculiarities of Teeth

Teeth Astrology: Know the Future from the Shape & Number of the Teeth

1. Teeth gaps - 

(gap between front teeth astrology)People who have a small space between their teeth or whose teeth are a little spaced apart can be a drain on other people's resources. These people are also fortunate in terms of property because they inherit ancestors' homes, from which they can live comfortably. Because of their high cost of living, money does not last with them.

2. Hole in the Teeth

Accordingly, it is believed that a man with a hole in his front two teeth is fortunate, wise, and kind. Contrarily, a lady who has such holes in her teeth would have bad luck all throughout her life.

3. Those Without Teeth

People with slightly crooked teeth are communicative and skilled at making their point. They fluctuate between being joyful and angry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Astrology (FAQ)

1. How many lucky teeth are there?

32 teeth are the ideal number for an adult.

2. What your teeth can tell people about you?

Canines that are long, pointed, and sharp indicate that a person is likely to be aggressive, while canines that are blunt indicate that a person is likely to be calm and cooperative.

3. Which planet in astrology is associated with teeth?


4. In astrology, which house represents the teeth?

Venus and the second house represent teeth.

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