Amla (Gooseberry) For White Hair : Benefits , How To Use

Amla (Gooseberry) For White Hair : Benefits , How To Use , 5 Ways To Use for Hair

Amla (Gooseberry) For White Hair : Benefits , How To Use , 5 Ways To Use for Hair

Hair care tips : In this article, we will know how Amla helps in reducing white hair. Amla is a very beneficial product. My grandmother used to say that amla is a boon for hair.We will see in this that the ways to use Amla in hair.

People have been telling about the benefits of Amla for hair since many times. Actually, gooseberry contains vitamin C, zinc and many such antioxidants which help in keeping the hair healthy. Also, its vitamin C helps in preventing premature graying of hair. In fact, it does not allow those harmful elements of the environment to affect the hair, due to which the hair starts turning white at an early age. Along with this, gooseberry also has antibacterial, anteing flammatory and antifungal properties, which prevent scalp infection and also relieve the problem of dandruff.

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Benefits Of Amla For White Hair 

The nutrients and medicinal properties found in Amla can prove beneficial in dealing with the problem of gray hair. For this reason, further we are telling the benefits of amla for the problem of white hair.

1. Hair Tonic

Amla acts as a hair tonic to deal with hair problems. Research has found that amla can also be used as a hair tonic for white hair. Along with being beneficial in hair growth, it can be helpful in thickening them and maintaining the natural color of the hair. For this reason, gooseberry is used in many shampoos and oils.

2. Vitamin C

Not only amla, but amla powder and oil can also prevent premature graying of hair. Research has found that amla powder can help in preventing premature graying along with nourishing the hair. Actually, it contains vitamin C, which is an effective antioxidant. This can help in protecting the hair from premature graying as well as retaining the natural color of the hair .

3. By reducing oxidative stress

According to research, oxidative stress can cause premature graying of hair. Antioxidant effects are known to reduce oxidative stress. Amla is enriched with this antioxidant effect. On this basis, it can be said that Amla can reduce the oxidative stress and remove the problem of gray hair.

3. Stops Hair Loss

Amla strengthens your hair and follicles, preventing hair loss and promoting quicker hair growth. Your hair regains its previous colour and lustre as it becomes stronger from the roots and stops breaking. Apply amla powder to your scalp and hair roots, and watch as your hair soon becomes healthier and shinier.

4. Expands Hair

Not all natural cures for hair loss also promote hair growth. But with amla, that is not the case. Due to the phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals it contains, it aids in boosting scalp circulation and encouraging healthy hair development. Vitamin C helps to make the collagen protein, which promotes both length and volume growth in hair. The dead hair cells are replaced with new ones with the aid of these collagens.

5. Handles Dandruff

After a good hair cleaning, does dandruff still appear every other week? Amla powder for hair will help you say good-bye to dandruff for good. Amla's vitamin C content combats dryness and keeps dandruff from building up on your scalp. Amla furthermore possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities that aid in easing the itching brought on by dandruff.

6. Safeguards Hair

Amla juice makes your hair look lustrous and cleanses and nourishes the scalp. Amla contains antioxidants that help shield hair from common damages brought on by dust, smog, tobacco, hairstyling tools, and other elements. There is no other treatment that comes to mind that could accomplish all of this and do it so successfully.

7. Treats Split Ends and Wavy Hair

Amla is the hero you've been seeking for if you frequently suffer from unmanageable frizzy hair or split ends. Dryness can cause frizzy hair and split ends, but amla can help by hydrating your locks. Additionally, it strengthens your hair and removes dead cells. If your curly hair has more frizz than curls, regular amla treatments will help you get rid of those unruly strands and get perfectly coiled hair.

Use Amla for white hair in these 5 ways

1. Drink 1 glass of amla juice daily

If your hair is turning white before time, then you should drink a glass of amla juice every day. In fact, drinking it directly will provide your body with vitamins and antioxidants that will protect the hair from environmental damage. Also, it will help in maintaining the color of the hair.

2. Wash hair with amla water

Apply amla water in your hair. This will help in darkening your hair faster (Amla benefits for white hair). Also, the special thing about using it is that it promotes blood circulation on the scalp and boosts collagen in the hair. This keeps the hair black. Apart from this, its antibacterial and antifungal properties are also effective in the problem of scalp infection and dandruff.

3. Hair Pack Made of Amla Powder and Vitamin E

Take amla powder and mix two tablets of Vitamin E in it. Now add a little aloe vera to it and mix it well and apply it on your hair. This hair pack will boost the collagen in the hair and will help in darkening the white hair. It is also helpful in increasing hair growth.

4. Mix alum water in gooseberry and apply

Take amla and grind it and keep it. If you want, you can also take amla powder. Now take alum and make a powder and mix it in water. Now mix this water in powdered gooseberry or gooseberry powder. Now apply this pack on your hair. Using it regularly will help in darkening your hair.

5. Grind amla and apply it in the hair

Grinding gooseberry and applying it on your hair helps in eliminating the problem of dandruff from the root. Apart from this, it increases the production of collagen in the hair and helps in darkening it. Apart from this, it also helps in hair growth and strengthens it from the root. So, you can use gooseberry in all these ways to darken hair.

How To Use Amla For White Hair

Amla can be used in many ways for white hair. Here we are telling how to use amla for premature graying of hair.

1. Amla and Fenugreek Mask


  • two spoons amla oil
  • Two spoons ground fenugreek seeds (powder)


  • First of all mix fenugreek powder in amla oil.
  • Now prepare an essence paste and apply it on the scalp and hair as a hair mask.
  • Leave this mixture on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After that wash the hair with shampoo.
  • It can be used once a week.

How is it beneficial?

Vitamin C present in amla oil can be helpful in preventing premature graying of hair . When fenugreek is used with this, it acts more effectively. Actually, fenugreek seeds have antioxidant effect. We have already mentioned above that the antioxidant effect reduces oxidative stress, which is one of the reasons for graying of hair. In addition, essential amino acids and lecithin fat present in fenugreek are also considered beneficial for gray hair.

2. Amla and Lemon Juice


  • 1 tbsp amla paste
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • 2 tsp hibiscus flower paste


  • Make a paste by mixing all the ingredients well.
  • Now apply this mixture all over the hair along with the scalp.
  • Then leave it on for at least 20 minutes.
  • After that wash the hair with shampoo.
  • This method can be used twice a month.

How is it beneficial?

As we have mentioned above that the use of amla can prevent premature graying of hair. If hibiscus flowers and lemon are also used with amla, it can show better results. According to research, apart from amla, fenugreek, lemon can also remove hair problems, including premature graying of hair. Along with this, the use of hibiscus is also considered good to prevent premature graying of hair and the problem of falling hair .

3. Amla and Olive Oil


  • one tablespoon amla oil
  • tsp olive oil


  • Mix both the oils in a vessel.
  • Now apply it well on the scalp and hair.
  • Leave it on the hair for about half an hour.
  • Then wash the hair with mild shampoo and apply conditioner.
  • This process can be repeated every week.

How is it beneficial?

Along with amla, the use of olive oil can be beneficial for hair in many ways. Research has found that olive oil contains nutrients like oleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acids, flavonoids, triterpenes and vitamin-E. These nutrients can be beneficial in removing many hair problems as well as preventing them from graying and falling.

4. Homemade Amla Oil for Gray Hair


  • three to four big sized gooseberries
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil


  • First, cut the amla into slices and remove its seeds and separate them.
  • Now grind these slices well and squeeze them to extract the juice.
  • After this, heat coconut oil in a vessel and add amla juice.
  • Note that this juice has to be poured in lukewarm oil.
  • If you want, you can add the juice of amla in the oil first after cooking the remaining residue for two minutes.
  • Now leave this oil like this for about 3 hours.
  • After the time is up, filter this mixture in a glass jar and store it.
  • This mixture can be used whenever needed.

How is it beneficial?

Using coconut oil with amla can be more effective for white hair. It has been told in a research that by applying amla in coconut oil and applying it in the hair, it can prevent the problem of premature graying of hair. In addition, this mixture can also help strengthen hair and protect it from aging.

According to another research, due to protein loss, there can be a problem of graying of hair. Coconut oil can be helpful in reducing protein loss in the hair and maintaining its level . In such a situation, it can be said that coconut oil can prove to be beneficial in preventing the problem of white hair.

Important things related to the use of Amla – Caution

The use of amla for white hair can be beneficial, but it is important to keep some things in mind before using it. These things are as follows.

  • Do a patch test before applying any hair mask containing amla.
  • Always apply this hair mask after washing your hair.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients used with amla, use another ingredient instead.
  • Consulting a doctor can be beneficial if the problem of white hair is more.
  • If you are whitening hair with amla, then do not smoke. Actually, smoking is a cause of premature graying of hair . By not smoking, the effect of amla can be seen in the hair quickly.

Premature graying of hair has become a common problem. If this is not taken care of in time, then the whole hair becomes white. Here we have told on the basis of many research that how amla can prove to be useful for premature gray hair. You can prevent graying of your hair by applying hair masks according to the use of amla mentioned in the article. Just apply amla and maintain the natural color of the hair.

Frequently Asked Questions about Amla For White Hair (FAQ)

1. Can amla reduce gray hair?

Yes, Amla helps in maintaining the natural color of the hair, thereby preventing premature graying of hair.

2. How long can white hair turn black by using amla?

Amla is a natural way to prevent graying of hair, so it can take about a month to show its effect.

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