Face Reading Astrology - Your whole future is hidden in your face!

Face Reading Astrology - Your whole future is hidden in your face!

Face reading - The Art of knowing the Nature of a person by looking at the Face

In this article, we will know what is Face Reading Astrology. How can you know about someone's future by looking at their face?

It is said that one can judge the character traits of a person just by looking at them. Face represents our personality and nature. The feelings that go on inside the mind are reflected on the face. Let us know how a person can be identified by the nature of head and hair on the basis of astrology.

Every person's face is different and it is also his identity. Someone's face is very big, seeing which you must be saying in your mind that 'Look, it looks like a lion'. Someone's face seems to be hanging like an elephant's trunk. This texture of the face is not only for identification, but it can be known whether the person will be rich, unlucky or a thief.

In the Bhavishya Purana, Brahma explains the secret of oceanography to Kumar Kartikeya that the person who has a bright image like the full moon of the full moon is a righteous person. Those whose face is in the shape of a trunk, they are unlucky. Such a person has to struggle again and again. If you tell someone that your face looks like a monkey or a goat, he will run to kill you. If you say that your face is like a lion, then he will be happy. But according to oceanography, the situation is opposite. People whose face looks like a monkey or a goat are lucky. Such a person has a lot of money. While a person who looks like a lion should not be trusted blindly, because they have a tendency to steal. However, persons with cheeks like lion, tiger and elephant are the achievers of different types of enjoyment and properties. A person with a mouth as full as that of an elephant attains happiness and glory like that of a king.

According to oceanography, those who have big mouth, their bad luck goes along with them. Success comes to such people with difficulty, whereas a person with a small mouth is thrifty. They have a tendency to accumulate. A person with a square face is very clever. The man whose face looks like that of a woman, he faces obstacles in getting the happiness of a son. Similarly, a person with a long face also has to face lack of son's happiness. People with rosy and radiant face also get wealth and happiness.

What is Face Reading ?

Face reading is a technique used to get insight into someone's character, personality, skills, or traits and to comprehend their way of life. This procedure is also known as personology's physiognomy. We are all very familiar with palm reading, which is one of the popular techniques for predicting destiny and fortune. Face Reading, a technique based on a person's facial features, structure, and expressions, can, however, be useful in a number of ways. But one can also use the skill of face reading as a method to understand a person's behaviour deeply. Furthermore, it makes it possible to judge others just by shaking hands with them.

Face reading is an extremely old practise that was initially employed in China during the reign of the Yellow Emperor. At the time, Chinese Face Reading was employed as a method to identify human health issues. Face reading has several benefits, including the ability to assist you in situations like job interviews, blind dates, finding new friends, etc. and to keep you from making poor decisions. Physiognomy is a difficult skill to learn, though. To read people's minds and understand their personalities, you must possess a very strong will.

Let us know how a person is identified by the nature of head and hair on the basis of astrology. Advanced frontal (high forehead) - is an indicator of good luck and wealth growth. Such a head shows the person as bright and intelligent.

What does your Forehead say about you (Forehead Reading)

The forehead is a symbol of youthful luck (from the age of 15 to 30). A excellent forehead is full and mellow, devoid of messed-up lines, undesirable moles, or scars, and it isn't dark or gloomy or narrow. These are some examples of forehead hairlines:

Pressed forehead- If a person's forehead is pressed in the middle, the head is prominent and the hair is short, then he is very lucky. Gets respect in the society and has a sharp mind.

Thick frontal short hair - The person whose head is thick, the forehead is prominent and the hair is short, he is very fortunate. Gets respect in the society and has a sharp mind.

Braid of hair on the head - Such a person is of religious behavior and longs for God's knowledge. He is a mystic from the inner point of view.

Beautiful face, small head - shows opulence, wealth and indulgence. Such a person is deprived of religion and auspicious works.

Big head, beautiful face - a person with divine knowledge. There is public welfare and accumulates money for charity.

Deep forehead wrinkles -These individuals enjoy reflection and study. The strength of concentration can be seen in the vertical lines (wrinkles) between the eyes.

What does your Eyebrows  say about you (Eyebrows  Reading)

Eyebrows are a sign of longevity and good health. Losing friends and brothers and developing friendships with villains are both indicated by slack eyebrows.

Curved Eyebrows: These individuals connect and relate to the world most effectively through a profound awareness of people, including their actions, behaviours, and daily routines. Their main mental concentration is on other individuals.

Straight Brows: People who have straight brows tend to be very straightforward and factual in their communication. They make an objective assessment of the raw data without letting their feelings cloud their judgement.

What does your Eyes say about you (Eyes Reading)

Eyes are a sign of status and riches. They are attractive and have sharp eyesight when assessing the characters of various individuals.

Brown eyes : These are a sign of vigour, fertility, endurance, inventiveness, great courage, etc. in a person. These individuals are spiritual students who don't give much thought to gain or loss.

Black eyes : Black eyes are typically associated with romance, mystery, sensuality, etc. People with dark hair and skin are believed to be psychic and to not reveal much about themselves.

Blue eyes: Blue eyes are a symbol of nature, a healthy lifestyle, freshness, etc. People with blue eyes are distinctive and view the world extremely differently.

What does your Nose say about you (Nose Reading)

A perfect nose has a width that is equal to the length of the eye at the end and a length that is equal to the breadth of the forehead.

Aquiline nose: It exhibits strength of character, authority, and independence.
Straight, well-shaped nose: This feature stands for strength, kindness, grace, and patience.

Snub Nose: This facial feature depicts an inclination to rule others, as well as inelegant behavior.

Curved Nose: The nose is curved, which conveys sharpness and curiosity. A person with a curled nose could struggle with anger management and lack of relationships with friends and family.

What does your Lips say about you (Lips Reading)

Lips reflect fortune and riches. Thick lips express delights at hand and a certain level of happiness. But if it also has a split chin, that shows selfishness and sloth.

Pursed Lips: These stand for bravery and insight. Sometimes, little lips indicate a chilly, vicious nature.

Pale Lips: Tight pale lips with a square jaw stand for brutality, self-centeredness, and decisiveness. It shows good character when the top lip somewhat overlaps the lower lip.

Heart shape Lips : Lips with a heart shape symbolize independence, self-assurance, and a seductive and sensual character. For those with heart-shaped lips, love and kindness are still necessary, nevertheless.

What does your Ears say about you (Ears Reading)

Ears Have the ability to watch someone's conduct. However, you can listen and focus on such aspects that assist you in understanding a person's character.

Small ears: They stand for respect, decency, and affection. However, ears that are too small exhibit shyness and reserve, and these traits are accentuated if the ears are long and thin.

Big ears : are a symbol of consumerism and rudeness. Vertical ears convey force, vigour, courage, and strength.

What does your Hair say about you (Hair Reading)

White hair in braid - Such a person has amazing oratory power, has the ability to attract the public through effective speech. He is clever and full of ego.

Soft hair- Having soft and soft hair on the head shows good fortune.
The forehead is very small and pitted - such a sign is an indicator of misfortune and loss of money. Such people are often narrow minded, do not open the knot of the mind.

What does your Face say about you (Face Reading)

Round Face

According to the astrologer, Moon has a special effect on a round face. Such people are lucky. These people are imaginative homemakers. Seeing the sorrow of others, they themselves become sad. So on the other hand, many of these people are going to feel lack of energy in their life.

Square Face 

People with square faces are intelligent and logical. Their determination power is very strong. Once he decides to do something, he leaves it only after completing it. These are lucky people, so they try in a meaningful direction and become successful.

Long face 

The people whose face is long are considered to be lovers of sports. They also get mastery in this field. They are considered physically strong and healthy. They don't have much difference with normal illness. Their lifestyle is systematic. He does not get distracted even in big confusions and solves them.

Rectangular Faces 

People with rectangular faces are of honest-diplomatic nature. They have leadership potential. Such people remain in good positions. If these people enter the field of politics, they definitely get success. These people are very practical. These people can also be called a person connected to the land.

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