Numerology : Introduction and Effect of Numbers 1 to 9

Numerology : Introduction and Effect of Numbers 1 to 9

Numerology : Introduction and Effect of Numbers 1 to 9 

Astrology tips : Almost everyone knows that the number of planets in our universe is 9. Similarly, the base number of all our calculations is also 9. Apart from these 9 numbers, all the other numbers are repetitions of the same. Let the digit 10 equal one by adding 0 to 1, and the digit 11 equal 2 by adding 1 and 1. Similarly adding 12, 1 and 2 is a repetition of 3. Similarly, the rest of the numbers should also be known. No matter how big the amount is, it can be converted into a number by adding it. That is called the root number or radix. The last digit resulting from such an addition is called the root of the addition of the first digits. In this part of the book, we will talk only about these initial 9 numbers and consider the meaning of those 9 numbers according to the date of birth of men and women. These numbers are the key to unravel the hidden secrets of human nature.

We are writing about them in very simple language so that the readers can easily understand their meaning and their impact on daily life activities. The numbers we are considering are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. These numbers have been controlling our life-system for a long time.

The basic number obtained from the day of birth of a person is related to one or the other planet. The effect arising from it remains with that person throughout his life. It is also expected that the number of the date of birth does not have any special similarity with the person's name, but we will tell further about the numbers of the name and their effect.

Number '1'

The symbol of Sun is the number '1'. It is the root of all numbers and comes first in the calculation of numbers. It is the basis of all numbers and of human life. All other numbers arise from this. This number is a symbol of originality and positive actions of the person. This number is the basis of creative, personal and whole life. In this regard, we would like to tell that the person who is born in numbers or their series, mainly has originality in his every work. His tendency is always to seek something or the other. This person is absorbed in himself, firm in his thoughts and stubborn and determined. All these things apply to people born on 1, 10, 19 and 28. Mainly these things are from July 21 to 28. Mainly applicable to the person born till August. Sun is the lord of this zodiac. These effects are particularly strong in a person born during the vernal equinox, from March 21 to April 28, when the Sun enters. In the nature of a person born in this period, whose number is 1, the above-mentioned things are especially visible.

Number 1 person is very ambitious. He does not like interference in any of his work. Such a person may be in any business or work, his desire is always to get prominence in it. He wants to be the head of everyone in his business and to be the leader of his departments. He wants to be respected and the person under him to be under his authority.

A person with number 1 should do all his important work on the days which are influenced by his own number, such as 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th. He should do his work especially on the above dates from 21st July to 28th August and 21st March to 28th April. score in addition to your score

People with 1 can have good relations with people born on 2, 4, 7 i.e. 11, 13, 16, 20, 22, 23, 25 and 31 and they can live well with people born on these dates. Sunday and Monday of the week are especially auspicious and beneficial for a person with number 1. If these days are on 1, 10, 19 and 28 or if they fall on 2, 4, 7, 11, 13, 16, 20, 22, 25, 29 or 31, then they are more auspicious. Yellow and golden brown and copper colors along with colors with a golden sheen are auspicious for a number 1 person.

Topaz i.e. topaz, kaharwa, yellow diamond and all the gems of these colors are considered lucky and beneficial for this person. Often such people should wear kaharva in the form of a ring etc. on their body.

Such a person should wear clothes of the color of Sun (golden, yellow, brown) or Uranus (blue, gray or light pastel) to increase his magnetic effect and make himself lucky.

Some Prominent People of the World Born Under Number 1

Alexander the Great - July 1

James I - June 28

Charles I - 19 November

George I - May 28

George II - 10 October

Duke of Wellington - 1 May

General Guard - 28 January

President Garfield (US) - November 19

General Booth - 10 April

Field Marshal Hague - 19 June

Queen Alexandra - 1 December

Field Marshal Lord French - 28 September

Anne Besant - 1 October

President Wilson - December 28

President Monroe - April 28

Number '2'

The symbol of Moon is the number '2'. It is related to the Sun because the Moon receives its light from the Sun, hence it is seen as feminine in relation to the Sun. This number represents a soft nature. Number 1 and 2 are definitely opposite to each other in nature, but their effect is favorable to each other, so these two numbers can prove to be good allies.

Number 2 person is kind hearted, imaginative, artistic and romantic in nature. Like a person with number 1, he is also an innovator, but he cannot convert his thoughts into action by being firm. His qualities are more affected mentally than in the physical field. He is not strong with the body like the people related to number 1, usually he is weak with the body. A person with number 2 is one who was born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 129th of any month, but the uniqueness of his qualities or nature is especially manifested when he is born in the lunar period from June 20 to July 27. I was born in In this period, the days till July 20 are considered important. The person of number 2 often keeps contact with the people of number 1, but with the person of number 7, who was born on 7th, 16th or 25th of any month, his relation is less.

The person of number 2 should try to implement his plans only on the dates 2, 11, 20, 29 etc., because these dates are under the influence of his number. But if he does any work in the period from June 20 to July 27, it will be particularly successful.

Sunday, Monday and Friday of the week are lucky for him. Friday is suitable for him because of being influenced by the planet Venus. Other than this . Similar to the person with number 2, if his own number 2 falls on these days 2, 11, 20 and 29, it is even more useful. Apart from this, 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31 dates, which have a mutual relationship with the above numbers, are favorable to him.

Number 2's person should always avoid having restless or unstable mind. He should maintain regular continuity in his plans and thoughts and should always avoid lack of faith. If the environment around him is not pleasant, he gets restless very quickly and his thoughts become disorganized.

Dark or light colors are said to be lucky for a number 2 person. White and cream colors are also suitable for him, but he should avoid black and more intense red and purple colors. Number 2 person should wear pearl or green and yellow colored stones. If possible, a stone named Sangeyashab should be worn in a ring. 

Some Prominent People of the World Born Under Number 2

Gladstone - 29 December

Queen Elizabeth of Rumania (poet) - December 29

Napoleon III - April 20

Victor Emmanuel III - November 11
Thomas Edison - February 11

Ibsen - March 20

Lord Curzon - 11 January

Number '3'

The symbol number of Jupiter is '3'. Jupiter, the ruling planet of this number, has a deep connection with astrology and all kinds of numerology. The relation of this number is from 3 to 9. The number 3 is related to its third number 3, 6 and 9 in this series according to its sum. From whichever side these numbers are added, the number 9 is obtained. People with numbers 3, 6 and 9 can have a mutual relationship. They are sympathetic towards each other.

A person with number 3 is considered to be born on 3, 12 of any month. Must have happened on 21st or 30th. But if he was born from 19 February to 20-27 March in the time of number 3, then the importance of number 3 increases even more. Apart from this, the time from 21st November to 20-27th December is also considered to be number 3, that is, the importance of number 3 increases even more for the person born in this period.

A person with number 3 is as unique and ambitious as the person with number 1. It does not like to work under anyone. His aim is to progress and keep others under his control or authority. He is very skilled in controlling. Such a person is controlling and methodical in every matter. He himself willingly obeys the orders, but also strives to see that his orders are obeyed.

A person with number 3 may be in any business, field or situation, definitely reaches a high position. He is considered to be distinguished in his position in the army, navy and government in general, because he performs his duty and the work assigned to him in a very responsible manner. For this reason, he is always kept on positions worthy of trust, that is, he is absolutely suitable for trustworthy posts.

There is also a drawback in such a person that he behaves like a remote to fulfill the rules made by him. Although it does not like fighting, but due to its nature many people become its opponents. Number 3 person is self-respecting and does not want to take favor of others. He always wants to be free, does not accept any bondage. A person with number 3 should plan his life on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th and especially if these dates fall during the time of number 3 i.e. from 19th February to 20-27th March and 21st May or 20-27th December. Should try to implement.

Thursday, Friday and Tuesday are considered auspicious for this person. Of these, Thursday is more important. It is especially auspicious if these days fall on the dates mentioned above, but 9, 6, 15, 18, 24 and 27 are also fine for him.

A person with number 3 is also compatible with people with number 6 and 9. The favorable color for him can be deep red, purple or a color similar to these. The color of the room he lives in should also match with these. Blue, crimson and pink colors are also favorable to it, but its place is of another level. For this, Jambumani (Amethyst) is considered a favorable stone. If possible, he should wear this stone in a ring.

Some Prominent People of the World Born Under Number  3

King George V - 3 June

King Frederick of Germany - November 21

Lord Russell - 12 August

Abraham Lincoln - February 12

Winston Churchill - 30 November

Rudyard Kipling - 30 December

Marshal Stalin - December 21

Darwin - 12 February

Voltaire - 21 November

Ramsey McDonald - October 12

Abdul Gamal Nasser - 21 January

General Maneksha - 3 April

Henry Ford - July 30

Dr. Rajendra Prasad - 30 December

Swami Vivekananda - 12 January

Roosevelt - January 30

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel - 30 October

Number '4'

The number symbol of Uranus is '4'. Uranus (Harpal) is believed to be related to the Sun. According to the rules of astrology and numerology, a person with number 4 comes under the influence of Capricorn's Uranus, Sun and Saturn, according to the rules of astrology and numerology of Capricorn.

The nature of a person with number 4 is opposite in itself to other people. He looks at everything from a different perspective than other people. He always approves of the opposition in debate. It does not mean that they are quarrelsome, but due to being in opposition, many people become their opponents and regularly work against them.

Whenever something is placed in front of him, he naturally looks at it from a different point of view, which is against the conventional rules. He wants to change the rules going on in the government or society. He is rebellious in the form of a symbol of constitutional authority and wants to change the rules under the normal life or domestic conditions of the subjects. He takes a reformist approach towards the questions related to the society. He was never orthodox in his views and principles.

Number 4 is the person who was born on 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month. The development of his personality is even more when he is in the zodiac of Sun and Moon, that is, from June 21 to July 20-27, which is called Moon's period and from July 21 to the end of August, which is called Sun's period. , born in

Number 4 person cannot be easily made friends. He seems more attracted to the person with numbers 1. 2. 7 and 8.

He is generally not as successful in worldly and material matters as the person with other numbers. He is also often averse to money and does not take interest in collecting it. Even if money is accumulated with him or even if someone gives him money, he spends it in such a way that other people are surprised.

A person with number 4 affected by Harshal should try to implement his ideas and plans only on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of a month. If he does any work on the above mentioned dates from 21st June to 20-27th July and from 22nd July to the end of August, then he is more likely to get success.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the week are mainly favorable for such a person and if these days are 4, 13, 22 and 31 and related to each other 1, 2, 7, 10, 11, 16, 18, 20, 25, If they fall on 28th and 29th, they prove to be even more favorable.

The special drawback of a person with number 4 is that he is very emotional. Gets offended very quickly. Likes to be alone and is considered a rebel until his work is accomplished. In fact he has very few friends. Even the few friends he has, he can be considered very devoted to them, but he is unable to agree with them when a dispute arises regarding his cause.

Usually light colors suit him. The aura of blue flame and brown colors are also favorable for him. Light or dark colored sapphire stone is considered very lucky for them.

Some Prominent People of the World Born Under Number 4

George Washington - February 22

Lord Byron - 22 January

George Elliott - November 22

Arthur Kanan Dial - May 22

Archbishop Corrigan - August 13

Sir Isaac Pitman - 4 January

Richard Wagner - May 22

Faraday - October 22

Francis Bacon - January 22

Thomas Huxley - May 4

Immanuel Kant - April 22

Number '5'

The symbol of the planet Mercury is the number '5'. That is, the number 5 is related to the planet Mercury, it is the master of this number and affects the fate of its natives. Its nature is considered very fickle.

A person with number 5 is considered to be born on 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month. But then the uniqueness in his character arises more. If he was born in the period of number 5 from 21 May to 20-27 June or from 21 August to 20-27 September.

A person with number 5 can easily make anyone his friend. And takes sustenance from all other digitized persons. but that's his own score Finds more favorable the person born on 5th, 14th, 23rd. Number 5 person is very alert mentally. He always remains in a state of mental tension.

Such a person is able to think about something quickly and is also able to take decisions quickly. He also remains impatient towards work. But the seeker does not like any work, that is, such work which takes a lot of time. He naturally adopts measures to collect money quickly. They have the ability to create wealth through new things and discoveries. He is fully familiar with the transaction work of the stock exchange and the imagination of taking business-related risks is also intense in him.

His character is strange and flexible. He immediately seeks to avenge any atrocity done to him. Nothing has an effect on him for a long time. He is as flexible as mercury like his ruling planet Mercury. Misfortune does not affect his character for long. If a person with this number is good by nature, he always remains good and if he is bad by nature, then no amount of good advice can make any difference in him.
A person with number 5 should try to do his work on the 5th, 14th or 13th of any month according to his number and especially from 21st May to 20-27th June or 21st August to 20-27th September. Should do Wednesday and Friday are favorable days for him. Had the favorable dates of those days fallen on these days, those days would have proved more fortunate for them.

A person with number 5 has a special drawback that he uses his nervous power to such an extent that he often breaks down in a state of mental stress. In a state of mental stress, he gets angry quickly and starts getting irritated quickly. Then it becomes difficult for him to tolerate anything. Light brown, white and shiny colors and objects of this color are considered auspicious for him. Just as he can befriend people with all numbers, similarly he can wear clothes of all colors, but only light colored clothes are more beneficial for him. As far as possible, he should not wear very dark colored clothes.

Diamond is an auspicious gem for him. He should wear ornaments of such things, in which metals like platinum or silver are used. It should be worn in platinum with a diamond studded in it.

Some Prominent People of the World Born Under Number 5

King George VI - 14 December

Duke of Windsor - June 23

Lord Leyster - 5 April

Thomas Hood - May 23

Jugalkishore Birla - 23 May

Lokmanya Tilak - 23 July

C.D. Deshmukh - 23 July

Eisenhower - October 14

Cardinal Richelieu - September 5

Fahrenheit (inventor) - May 14

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose - 23 January

Swami Ramakrishna Paramahansa - 5 February

Karl Marx - May 5

Number '6'

The symbol of Venus is the number '6'. That is, this number represents the planet Venus. A person of number 6 is considered to be born on any of the 6, 15 or 24 of any month. The effect of this number is especially visible on it, when it is from 26 April to 20-27 May and from 21 September during this issue.

From 20-27 October i.e. should have been born in that time. A person with number 6 is very attractive, he has a special quality to attract other people towards him. Whoever is under him, he not only loves him, but also starts worshiping him. Such a person is very strong willed to fulfill his plans. In having love for someone, he reaches the limit of hut. when this

When he starts loving someone, he is seen devoted towards him like a slave. Number 6 person is under the influence of Venus. Such a person is considered romantic and ideal in all matters of love. The qualities of Venus are found in abundance in him. That's why he loves all beautiful things. His houses are very attractively decorated and he loves rich colors, painting and music.

When having money, a person with number 6 spends money generously for art and artists. He is always ready for the reception of his friends and guests. He tries to make everyone happy with him, but he cannot tolerate jealous people.

When such a person becomes angry, it is difficult for him to tolerate any opposition. When he has an inclination towards some work or person, he tries to fulfill it considering it as his duty. Number 6 person is proficient in making friends of any other category of person. Especially with 3, 6, 9 and all the people in this series, his contacts are made quickly.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are considered auspicious for him. If these days fall on 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th and 30th. A person with number 6 should have good luck for his work and purposeful purposes on 6, 15 and 24, especially from 20 April to 20-27 May and 21 September to 20-27

The above dates of the days till October should be chosen. Light to dark blue as well as pink and red colors are considered auspicious for him, but he should not try to wear black and purple.

For that the gemstone Firoza is mentioned above. As far as possible, he should wear only turquoise stone. Emerald is also considered a lucky stone for people with number 6.

Some Prominent People of the World Born Under Number  6

Queen Victoria - 24 May

Napoleon I - August 15

Frederick the Great - January 24

George III - May 24

Henry (page) – December 6

Oliver Cromwell - April 24

Joan of Arc - January 6

President Taft (US) - September 15

Sir Walter Scott - 6 December

Number '7'

The symbol of the planet Neptune is the number '7'. This planet is also known by the name Varuna. If a person is born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month or from 25th June to 20-27th July, which is called the period of Moon according to the zodiac, then number 7 will affect him. Is.

Moon's number is 2 and the secondary number of a person with number 7 is also 2. Therefore, a person with number 7 gets success in befriending a person born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 dates related to the moon. A person born from June 21 to the end of July is suitable for this number, because the lord of this planet is also the Moon.

A person born on the 7th, 16th and 25th of any month is independent and has original thoughts. His personality is wonderful in itself. He likes change in life and traveling. Such a person is of restless or fierce nature. He is interested in foreign affairs. he travel time

Also interested in reading books. With this type of study, they easily get knowledge of many things of the world. Such a person is thoughtful, progressive and can also be a good writer, novelist, painter and poet, but a special kind of philosophical approach is found in his works.

Such a person does not have any special attachment towards material things related to life. He gets wealth only because of his original ideas and methods adopted in business and eventually he becomes rich. If money comes to him, he donates it or spends it on institutions etc. A woman with this number is very happy in her married life, but still she is worried about securing the future, so that the waves of fortune do not put her in any trouble. A person with number 7 is a thinker in relation to business. If

If he can convert it into action, then there is even more benefit. He is passionate about traveling and knowing things related to foreign countries. sea if they get a chance

His passion awakens in the business related to it and he is often a sea trader, import-exporter and related to foreign countries. A person with number 7 keeps his independent views regarding religion. He does not like old beliefs. He has his own attitude towards religion. In this regard, it can be said that his beliefs are very positive.

Such a person sometimes has very strange dreams and he also has a tendency towards Tantra-Vidya. He had the intuition to sense what was to come Is. His charming personality has a great influence on others. The person of number 7 should start his work on the same day, which is according to his number in any month. These dates are 7, 16 and 25, but if he works from 21st June to 20-27th July or less effective time till August related to 7, he will get special success in them. For a person with number 7, the same days of the week are considered auspicious as those with number 2.

Best for the person. These days are Sunday and Monday. If these days fall on the date of his number or on any of the dates 1, 2, 4, 11, 13, 19, 20, 22, 28, 29 and 31, then they are more auspicious. The colors like green, yellow and white are auspicious for the number 7 person. Such a person should avoid too dark colors.
For him 'moonstone', pearl etc. gems are auspicious and he should wear these gems.

Some Prominent People of the World Born Under Number  7

Louis XIV - September 16

Lord Rosebury - 7 May

Lord Balfour - 25 July

Queen Elizabeth - September 7

Queen of Mexico - June 7

Admiral Earl Batty - January 16

Charles Dickens (English novelist) - February 7

  Sir Joshua Raynald - 16 July

Oscar Wilde - October 16

Prince Imperial (Napoleon) - March 16

Sir John Franklin - April 16

Franklin - April 16, 2016

Number '8'

The symbol of the planet Saturn is the number '8' and the number 8 represents the planet Saturn. The person born on 8th, 17th and 26th of any month is greatly affected by this planet. But if his birthday falls from September 21 to January 26 or from January 26 to February 19-26, then this number has a special effect on the person born on the above dates. This number is more favorable for a person born in the period from December 21 to January 26, while Saturn's time is not favorable for those born from January 26 to February 19-26.

Often people's perceptions about the person with this number are not correct and that is the reason why the person with number 8 feels lonely. Such a person is very strong in nature. He has the power of his personality. It plays an important role in the theater of life, which is often considered to be related to luck. Such a person proves beneficial for others.

If he is inclined towards religion, he reaches its extreme limit and his enthusiasm is exposed as a fanatic. If such a person takes a task upon himself, no matter how much he is opposed, he keeps on completing it, but because of his stubbornness, many people also become his enemies.

Looking at him, it seems as if he is not particularly interested in anything. He doesn't even reveal his interests. Although he has a lot of sympathy for the grieving people, he does not give vent to his feelings. He doesn't care what other people think about him. A person with number 8 is either very successful or he never gets success in his life. There is no middle way in his life.

If any ambition awakens in him, he aspires for social life or some important government and responsible position. Such a person reaches a very high position, but he has to make a lot of sacrifices for it.

Number 8 is not considered a very beneficial number from the worldly point of view and the person with this number has to bear great difficulties, loss and humiliation. Dark brown, black, dark blue and violet colors are considered auspicious for the person of number 8. If a person with number 8 wears light colored clothes, then he starts appearing like a stranger, as if some unpleasant incident has happened to him.

Number 8 being Saturn's day, Saturday is more important for him, but due to its secondary number being 4, Monday, Saturday and Sunday also become important. A person with number 8 should implement his plans on the 8, 17 and 26 of any month and especially during the time of number 8, which is from December 21 to January 20-27. If these dates fall on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, then it will be even better.

Sapphire is an auspicious gem for this person. If he wants, he can also wear black pearl or black diamond. The number 8 is very difficult to interpret, because it is related to both the physical and spiritual worlds. The number 8 is made up of two identical numbers 4 and 4. This number is related to indelible luck, whether it is related to a state or a person. In astrology also its symbol is Shani, which is called the planet of luck.

On the one hand, there are many great difficulties, upheavals, disorder and all kinds of disparity in the fate of a person with this number, on the other hand, his thoughts tend to pay attention to philosophy, tantra-knowledge and religious matters and thoughts towards his purpose. There is also an inclination to collect. A fatalistic outlook is manifested in all his actions and he works very enthusiastically towards his goal.

The person belonging to the number 8 considers himself isolated from his companions. Inwardly he feels himself alone. Other people often misunderstand him. He does not even get the fruits of the work done in his life, but after death he is worshipped, his works are praised.

While a person with number 8 keeps on fighting for human justice, on the other hand he has complete faith in God. The life of such a person is usually misery. Number 8 people can be divided into two categories. To identify him, it should be seen whether the special events of his life are influenced by the number 8 or not, or whether the numbers 1, 3 and 6 do not affect him. If the latter condition applies, then it can be inferred that he is paying the price of some of his earlier condition and further increasing the condition, where he will get the result only by the justice or grace of God. Be sure If the situation is contrary to these, then it should be understood that such a person playing in the hands of luck, the person related to number 8 is often neglected in his normal social life and he considers that neglect as a punishment for himself in the form of human justice. which is always contrary to the justice of God.

Some Prominent People of the World Born Under Number 8

Queen Mary I of England (known as the Bloody Queen) - February 17

Emperor Albert of Belgium - April 8

Queen Mary of Belgium - May 26

Spain Emperor Alfonso XIII - May 17

Joseph Chamberlain - July 8

George Bernard Shaw (playwright) - July 26

David Lloyd George - 17 January

Prince Albert (Victoria's lover) - August 26

Edward Jenner - May 17

Richard I - 8 September

John Weasley - June 17

Asha Bhosle - 8 September

Sharmila Tagore (actress) - 8 December

Dimple Kapadia (actress) – 8 June

Number '9'

The symbol of Mars is the number '9'. That is, this number represents the planet Mars. This number has a special effect on the person who was born on 9th, 18th or 27th of any month. This effect increases even more when the person was born between March 21 to April 19-26, which is a favorable time for Mars or if he was born between October 21 to November 20-27, which is a favorable time for Mars. Has an unfavorable time.

Number 9 person has to roll a lot of papad in his whole life. The time of his childhood is full of troubles and till the end of his life he moves towards success because his desire and purpose are firm. Such a person is of grumpy nature, impulsive, with independent feelings and is his own master. He does not like to be under anyone's authority.

Dates and events have a big impact on the life of a person with number 9. He becomes his own enemy and he is opposed everywhere. He is either wounded or killed on the battlefield. He has to face many troubles in the workplace of life like summer. Such a person is of great enthusiasm and has the qualities of a great warrior. In whatever field he wants to work, he wishes to become an officer in that field.

His biggest enemy is his stubbornness. He cannot control his actions and words. He usually has to be a victim of many types of accidents. He has to face many problems in his family as well. He gets these troubles because of relatives or friends. He never likes any kind of criticism. He knows his own beliefs about himself to be correct. He does not like anyone interfering in his plans. He wants his service to be done well and such a person in his home is well resourced and very smart in the work of the organization.

Gets the position of the head of the society, but if he is not able to complete his work, then he gets disappointed and moves aside. He doesn't care about those works getting scattered.

In matters like love, such a person can do anything. A person with number 9 becomes a fool by getting trapped in the trap of women. Such a person socialises more than a person born on 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30, because all these numbers have a favorable effect on a person with number 9.

Number 9 also has some important features. If this number is multiplied by any number, then the number 9 is always obtained in the product. Example: As if 9 is multiplied by the number 2, the number 18 is obtained, in which if 1 and 8 are added, the number 9 is obtained. In this way this sequence continues. If the person of number 9 can keep control over his wealth and violence, then this number proves to be extremely fortunate for him. All shades of red or pink are considered auspicious for a number 9 person.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are very important days for him. Tuesday has special significance for them, because it is considered the day of Mars. A person with number 9 should choose 9, 18, 27 dates of any month to fulfill his objectives and plans. If he starts work on the above dates, he will get success. This time is from March 21 to April 19-26 and from October 21 to November 20-27. If he starts his work on these dates related to his number or on 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 24 and 30 and mutual variable days, he will get more success.

Red, garnet and red colored gemstones prove to be lucky for a person with number 9. If he wears any of these gems, he will get special benefits. The number 9, which represents man, is believed to have the qualities of power, energy and destruction in the physical and material fields. Even in normal life it is associated with energy, fire, ambition, leadership and authority. It is considered a symbol of iron, from which war-related weapons are manufactured. Mars is considered the lord of the zodiac sign Aries in astrology.

The element of which the number 9 is made is never destroyed. Similarly, if the number 9 is multiplied by any number, then the number 9 keeps on repeating itself. The number 9 is very fortunate and beneficial for a person, who does not make anyone his enemy by his nature and always remains free from laziness and leads a peaceful life.

Some Prominent People of the World Born Under Number 9

Kaiser Wilhelm (German Emperor during World War I) - January 27

Emperor Edward VII - 9 November

Sir Elvin Wood - 9 February

Theodore Roosevelt - October 27

President Grover Cleveland - March 18

President Ulysses Grant - April 27

Sir James Vere (author) – May 9

Queen Elizabeth of Austria - August 18

Kepler (astronomer) - December 27

Lord Curzon - 9 February

Onassis - September 9

Omar Khayyam - May 18

Leopold Hinip (Belgium) - April 9

Ernest Renan - February 27

Emperor Frederick III - 18 October

Emperor Nicholas II - May 18

Shabana Azmi (Actress) - 18 September

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