Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) : Benefits ,Side Effects and Uses

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) : Benefits ,Side Effects & Uses of Evening Primrose Oil

14 Benefits and Side Effects of Evening Primrose Oil

In addition to using local plants, India also uses a lot of foreign natural remedies. Evening primrose oil is a single one among them. Many people might not be familiar with this name. We are providing information on this subject as a result. Not only will we discuss the advantages of evening primrose oil in this post, but we'll also cover how to use primrose oil in order to prevent its drawbacks. Here, we make it clear that the advantages of evening primrose oil can help with the conditions stated in the article by preventing or lessening their symptoms. Do not think of it as a treatment for a severe sickness.

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What is Evening Primrose Oil? 

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) : Benefits ,Side Effects & Uses of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose plants, which are native to North America, are used to make evening primrose oil (EPO). Onotherapy Bennis is its official name. This oil is thought to have several medical benefits. This is the reason why this plant has historically been used to treat a wide range of illnesses, including cancer, eczema, skin issues, heart issues, and many other physical ailments. On this foundation, we will next go into great detail on the advantages of evening primrose oil.

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil 

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) : Benefits ,Side Effects & Uses of Evening Primrose Oil

Due to the numerous advantages of evening primrose oil, it is now widely used by people. However, bear in mind that evening primrose oil only has advantages for easing or preventing illness-related symptoms. Never consider evening primrose oil to be a treatment for a severe illness. Hence, the following are a few advantages of evening primrose oil:

1. Evening Primrose Oil get rid of Pimples and Acne

Acne and pimples can be treated with evening primrose oil as one of its many advantages. According to medical research that has been published in this area, this oil includes significant levels of linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid, which helps lessen acne-related inflammation. Moreover, applying evening primrose oil topically or mixing it with anti-acne medications can both be advantageous.

2. Evening Primrose Oil For the Signs of a Aging

Moreover, evening primrose oil could lessen the appearance of ageing on the skin. A study that was posted on the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) website claims that evening primrose oil has antioxidant capabilities that can assist to lessen wrinkles. Not only that, but it can also improve age-related changes in skin tissue and biophysical skin parameters.

3. Evening Primrose Oil For Eczema

A skin-related issue is eczema. In this, the skin gets dry and may experience issues with swelling, itching, and rashes. Evening primrose oil can help in this circumstance to either prevent the issue or to lessen its minor symptoms. At the same time, NCBI-published research revealed that consuming primrose oil can help with the eczema condition. Not only that, but it may also help with skin inflammation. But, bear in mind that you should see a doctor right away if your eczema doesn't improve even after using it for a few days. Women who are expecting or nursing should consult a professional before using it.

4. Evening Primrose Oil Promotes Heart Health

It's important to maintain heart health in addition to overall bodily wellness. Evening primrose oil can help in this condition by lowering the level of serum low density lipoprotein, or bad cholesterol, thanks to its cardiovascular benefits. Moreover, it can lower blood pressure. This could stop heart-related issues. Controlling cholesterol and blood pressure is crucial to lower the risk of heart disease. The first priority for someone who has a significant heart condition, however, is to take the recommended medications and adhere to the doctor's recommendations.

5. Evening Primrose Oil helps in Weight Loss

Evening primrose oil has advantages for weight loss as well. According to the knowledge that is currently available, tryptophan, an amino acid included in evening primrose extract, can help people lose weight. As a result, it is possible to assume that adding evening primrose oil to the diet, together with a balanced diet and exercise, can aid in weight loss.

6. Evening Primrose Oil For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of arthritis. In this, problems like joint pain and swelling start. In this case, the use of evening primrose oil can provide relief from this problem. Related to this, in a research published on the website of NCBI, 40 rheumatoid arthritis patients consuming Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory medicines were selected. Of these, 19 patients were given evening primrose oil and 21 were given olive oil. No one stopped taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs during this time, but three patients in each group did reduce their dose.

It's not entirely clear from this research how effective evening primrose oil might be. Therefore, further research is still needed. In this case, you can try using evening primrose oil for mild pain, but if the problem worsens, then definitely consult a doctor.

7. Evening Primrose Oil For Nerves

One of evening primrose oil's advantages is that it can help with nerve-related issues. Evening primrose oil has been discovered to be helpful in treating nerve issues, according to scientific research done on some damaged rats that had sciatic nerve injuries. It can aid in easing the nerve issue in such a circumstance. There is currently no reliable evidence of this research's potential benefit for people because it has only been conducted on animals. In this instance, always seek medical advice before using it.

8. Evening Primrose Oil For Multiple Sclerosis

The nerve system is affected by the condition known as multiple sclerosis (MS). The brain and spinal cord are also affected by this autoimmune disease. The "myelin sheath," a layer that shields nerve cells, is harmed in this. Evening primrose oil may be helpful in this situation. On the other hand, taking evening primrose oil can support multiple sclerosis patients' ability to maintain their level of activity, improve their mental functioning, and ease their weariness, according to study that was published on the NCBI website. Unfortunately, it is ineffective at halting the disease's spread. Remember that while it can lessen sickness symptoms, it does not treat the underlying cause of the illness.

9. Evening Primrose Oil For Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes-related nerve damage is known as diabetic neuropathy. Evening primrose oil can be applied in this circumstance to stop this catastrophic issue. A combination of Vitamin-E and evening primrose oil may be helpful for those with mild diabetic neuropathy, per a study that was published on the NCBI website. Their condition can be enhanced by this combo. Remember that this is only for minor issues; for more severe issues, seeking medical attention should come first.

10. Evening Primrose Oil For Menopause or PMS

Each woman must experience the normal process of menstruation. A few days prior to menstruation, many women begin experiencing bodily issues like body pains, swelling breasts, acne, insomnia, irritability, and many more. The term "PMS" refers to these signs (Premenstrual Syndrome). In this situation, evening primrose oil may help with PMS.

Not only that, but menopause occurs after a certain age when women's periods cease. The woman experiences this between the ages of 45 and 55. Women still have a variety of symptoms during this time, including mood swings and trouble sleeping. Evening primrose oil use in such circumstances may be advantageous at that time as well. Nonetheless, a woman should seek medical advice before using it for the first time.

11. Evening Primrose Oil For High Blood Pressure

The advantages of evening primrose oil can be felt by someone with high blood pressure. Indeed, this oil is rich in linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids. Linoleic acid and omega 6 fatty acids have antihypertensive qualities that can lower high blood pressure. Nonetheless, it is best to get medical counsel before using blood pressure medication if you have high blood pressure.

12. Evening Primrose Oil Helps in Breast Pain

Many women also use evening primrose oil for breast cramps or pain. For this, 120-160 mg should be consumed in dosage .

13. Evening Primrose Oil Helps in Reducing Weight

 The linolenic acid found in it works to burn fat in our body. That's why any person who wants to lose weight can use it. It also has cancer fighting properties

14. Evening Primrose Oil For Hair

Evening primrose oil has advantages for the hair as well. According to a scientific study, aromatherapy with evening primrose oil helps treat the alopecia condition. Alopecia is a disorder when the scalp's hair falls out in patches. On the basis of this, it can be claimed that this oil can assist in maintaining healthy hair. On the other hand, if a person's hair loss issue is severe, it is best to seek professional counsel.

Uses of Evening Primrose Oil 

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) : Benefits ,Side Effects & Uses of Evening Primrose Oil

Many people are confused about the use of evening primrose oil. For those people, this part of the article explains how to use evening primrose oil:

How to use:

  • This oil can be used to apply on the skin.
  • Evening primrose oil can be taken as a supplement on the advice of a doctor.
  • Capsules containing evening primrose oil are also available in the market. However, it would be appropriate to use it after medical advice.

When to use:

  • It can be applied on the skin in the morning. Keep in mind, do a patch test before using it.
  • It can be consumed in the afternoon or at night on the advice of a specialist.

How much to use:

The amount of evening primrose oil to be taken also depends on the problem, such as 3-4 and 2-4 grams in gastralgia (breast pain) or PMS, can take from 540 mg to 2.8 grams in rheumatoid arthritis . In such a situation, it is better that a person takes medical advice for information related to its dosage before taking it keeping in mind his health condition.

Side Effects of Evening Primrose Oil  

While evening primrose oil has benefits, it may also have some disadvantages. Although the research related to the harm of evening primrose oil is limited, its side effects cannot be ignored, which are as follows.

  • flatulence
  • nausea
  • diarrhea problem
  • This can cause bleeding problems.
  • Headache may occur.

Note: If a person is consuming any particular type of medicine or has a food allergy, then before using it must consult a doctor. Patch test is also necessary before its use on the skin.

These are the advantages of evening primrose oil, which you can obtain by including it into your daily routine. Evening primrose oil has advantages, but there are also drawbacks, which have been listed. Thus, before consuming evening primrose oil, get medical guidance if there is even a minor mental confusion or any major health issue. The knowledge provided in this article should be helpful to you, we hope. By spreading the word, you can inform everyone about the benefits and drawbacks of evening primrose oil.

Frequently asked questions About Evening Primrose Oil (FAQ)

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) : Benefits ,Side Effects & Uses of Evening Primrose Oil

1. How many times a day should I apply evening primrose oil?

Evening primrose oil can be applied once a day. Yes, if someone is using it on some kind of serious problem, then before using it must consult a specialist.

2. In how many weeks can I expect results from using evening primrose oil?

It depends on the body of the person and the severity of the disease. For some people, its effect is quick and for some it is delayed. In such a situation, it is not completely possible to tell the exact time regarding this.

3. Should Children Use Evening Primrose Oil?

Yes, evening primrose oil can be used for babies. It is better not to consume them, if you want to consume them, then take the advice of a specialist once.

3. Does evening primrose oil cause hair loss?

No, it does not cause hair loss, rather its use can promote hair growth.

4. Does Evening Primrose Oil Balance Hormones?

Yes, evening primrose oil can help balance hormones.

5. Is Evening Primrose Oil Safe in Pregnancy?

Evening primrose oil can be consumed during pregnancy. However, it is better that pregnant women take medical advice before consuming it, as it can cause stillbirth. In fact, capsules containing evening primrose oil have been found to act as cervical priming agents when taken during pregnancy. This agent can help in healthy delivery.

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