Way to Wearing Heavy Earrings Without Harming Your Ears Lobes

Carry Heavy Earrings Without Harming Your Ears With these Amazing Tips

In This Article We Give You Some amazing tips for how to Carry heavy earrings without harming your ears . To make the face look good, you should style the jewelry according to the shape of your face. By doing this your look will look very unique. We all love to style with different types of jewelry to upgrade our look. At the same time, nowadays the trend of heavy earrings is being seen in full swing, but due to these earrings, we and you are seen troubled due to pain in the ears later.

If you are also troubled by the same problem like us, then definitely read this article till the end. In this, we are going to tell you how you can easily carry heavy weight earrings for a long time without harming your ears and make your look stylish.

1. Use Ear Chain ( Kanser)

On the other hand, if you are wearing heavy weight earrings, then choose such earrings which have a chain. This is because the chain will help to support the earrings and you will easily be able to wear those earrings for a longer period of time.

While you cannot eliminate an earring's weight, you can provide them support by adding a small metal chain that will enable the ear to support the added weight. You can add a Kan Ser, or ear Ser, to your current earrings. It comes with a lot of heavy pieces, but if your earrings don't have Sers, you can always spend money on a multipurpose chain that will likely match the majority of your earrings.

Just insert the Ser into the pin that goes into your ear piercing and secure the earring's end. Try to pin the other end of the string a little bit high to actually offer support when doing so.

2. Double Tape is Also Useful

To support the ears, you can cut and apply double tape on the back side of the ear. By doing this, your earlobes will get a lot of support and due to these earrings, there will be no pain in the ears.

                                      Smart 8 Way to Wearing Heavy Earrings Without Harming Your Ears Lobes

3. Get Help From Thread

On the other hand, if you can tie the thread from the back side of the normal earrings and set them in your hair with the help of a pin. By doing this, your ears will be able to easily bear the weight of the earrings. Please tell that for this you should use only black thread. This is because the black thread will not shine separately in your hair.
4. Numbing Cream

A tiny jar of numbing cream must always be in your wallets if you enjoy wearing hefty earrings occasionally. You won't feel the weight of the earrings because of this cream's ability to numb the skin around the piercing (types of ear piercing).

Look for an over-the-counter numbing lotion at your neighborhood pharmacy. It should be used shortly after removing the earpiece. Also, only apply it once to each ear rather than repeatedly.

5. Earlobe Patches

                          Smart 8 Way to Wearing Heavy Earrings Without Harming Your Ears Lobes

Several celebs take this exclusive advice. Earlobe patches are tiny, invisible adhesive patches that are simple to attach to the earlobes. It keeps your earlobes snug at the back so that the weight of your earrings won't cause them to droop. They offer that extra measure of assistance that significantly lessens pain.
use earlobe patches

6. Get Heavy Looking Light Earrings

Now take it as advice or consider it as a tip! It is not necessary that you should wear very heavy earrings for every event. You can also buy and wear lightweight earrings that look heavy. Such earrings look heavy, but are not. You will find many such earrings, chandbali (wear stylish chandbali and hoops like Anushka), hoops and danglers in the market.

                                            Smart 8 Way to Wearing Heavy Earrings Without Harming Your Ears Lobes

7. Give Your Ears Some Rest

If you are wearing heavy earrings in a wedding function, then you obviously have to wear it for a long time. Try to avoid wearing heavy earrings in every wedding function. Give your ears some rest, so that you can get some relief from the unbearable pain caused by those heavy earrings. Even if you avoid earring in some functions, you will still be comfortable. On the other hand, if wearing earrings, then avoid wearing anything that increases your pain. You can also try lightweight earrings with hoops.

8. Shop Smartly

Last but not the least, be wise and choose earrings that appear heavy but are light to wear. Your 200 grams of Chandbalis will be easily replaced with a pair that you might even wear later if you do this.

This is a secret tip that few people know about. Let us tell you that many celebrities are able to wear heavy earrings because of this reason. Earlobe patches are small adhesive patches that are transparent and visible and also easily stick behind your ears. This keeps your earlobes snug in the back so they don't fall off with the weight of your earrings. These patches help you to keep your heavy earrings set for a long time without falling and this also reduces your pain. You can easily find this invisible patch in any shop.

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