Vastu Tips For Mirror Placement in your House

Vastu Tips For Mirror Placement  in your House

Vastu Tips For Mirror : According to Vastu, a wrongly installed mirror in the house has a bad effect on the life of the person living there. There are many problems to be faced with home discord money loss. Know what things should be kept in mind while installing mirrors in the house.

In addition to playing a significant part in the design of the home, mirrors also contribute to the enhancement of your individuality. Of course, you try to cover up your flaws when you look in the mirror.

Mirrors are considered to be very significant in Vastu for our lives. It is possible to notice great improvements in your life if you apply them where they are needed. On the other side, placing the mirror incorrectly might also lead to issues in your life.

If we adhere to Vastu, then there are specific locations in the home where mirrors are discouraged because it is thought that doing so could impede your growth and prevent you from being successful in any endeavors.

1. Do not Put Mirror in the Store Room

If you put mirrors in the store room of the house, then it can give negative signs for your life. In fact, many times we keep such things in the store room of the house (Vastu tips related to the store room) which are not for our use, in such a situation, if you put a mirror at this place, then its reflection will appear again and again in the mirror. Gives which can cause tension in your mind and brain. It is always better to place a mirror in a place that reflects light and positive energy.

2. Place Directly Above or Opposite Side of the Bed

According to Vastu, it is advised not to keep a mirror in the bedroom. But even if you are installing a mirror in the bedroom, do not place it just above or in front of the bed. The reflection of the bed should never be seen in the mirror.

In fact, you may have to face confusion while sleeping or in the dark in the mirror installed at these places. Sometimes you may be scared to see your own image in the mirror at night, so it is better to keep the mirror away from the bed.

3. Do not put Mirror in the Kitchen

You are never advised to put glass in the kitchen of the house. According to Vastu it is believed that if you place a mirror just in front of the gas stove (Vastu of gas stove in kitchen) then the smoke or steam while cooking can affect the mirror.

Not only this, the glass also gets dirty again and again and it becomes difficult to clean it, so it is advisable to keep it away from the kitchen.

4. Do not put Glass on the Main Door

According to Vastu, if you want positive energy to enter the house, never put a mirror on the main door. The mirror on the main door can cause entry of negative energy.

It is believed that positive energy collides with the mirror on the main door and your progress can be stopped. It is always advisable to put mirrors at those places where you can see your face again and again. Since the mirror placed at the main door also shows the reflection of things outside the house, it is better not to put it there.

5. Do not Place Mirrors Near Stairs

Many times we put a mirror near the stairs in the house and its image is visible in the mirror while climbing and descending the stairs. In fact, according to Vastu, it is wrong to do this, because the reverse reflection of the stairs is visible in the mirror, which indicates the obstacles in the progress of the people of the house.

If you are applying glass at any place in the house, then do take care of the things mentioned here so that there will be happiness in the house.

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